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Film Making

Blue Mill Studios Ltd is the online home of award winning freelance writers and film Director Elisaveta Abrahall.

We offer a full range of Production Services from story scripting, direction, DOP and crew provision, costume, props and location hire to a complete Production solution for your project.


Post Production

The Games Children Play

Widely acclaimed supernatural drama which bagged Richard Dee Roberts with the 'Best Director' accolade at the prestigious Golden State Film Festival in Los Angeles, and saw the film's premiere at  Grauman's Chinese Theatre, Sunset Boulevard, Hollywood, it continues to gain merit and further awards at major international film festivals.


Wuthering Heights

Five years in the making, Wuthering Heights is a series of four films  for Director Elisaveta Abrahall and the first retelling of the complete story of love, hate, death and obsession penned by Emily Bronte and adapted to screenplay by Elisaveta.

Currently in post production the first of the four films is due at international film festivals in 2022 with a release later the same year.


Elisaveta Abrahall

Pestilence Lane- the vicious new Vampire TV Series coming 2022

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